Guest FAQ's

Welcome to Eat Local. Below are a few common questions about Eat Local, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

What if I lose my Card?
You can get a replacement card by visiting any of the Eat Local restaurants. Once you get a replacement card, click here.
How Do I Claim My Rewards?
Rewards are stored directly on the card. To redeem, simply let your server know you have a reward you would like to use. You may redeem up to $100.00 in a single visit.
How do I change my personal information and email address?
To edit any of your account information, review transactions/rewards balances, click here.
What happens with my personal information?
We will never rent or sell your information to anyone - ever! Your information is stored on a secure database that can only be accessed by a few select employees. For more information on your privacy, please review our Privacy Policy.

Restaurateur FAQ's

Eat Local has a full suite of solutions for your restaurant or enterprise restaurant group. Please contact us to schedule a chat.

What types of Restaurants are supported?
Eat Local integrates with your restaurant POS system. We have solutions for Table Service and Quick Service restaurants.
Which POS systems will Eat Local work with?
We have a variety of POS partners and it is growing. Please see our restaurant page for more details.
How do I get started?
Our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have and get you started up asap. Please contact us at to begin.

Merge Accounts

If you have signed in to the Eat Local app and would like to merge your loyalty account with your new mobile account, please complete this form: